Life Lesson’s: Part II

We have all heard the cliche saying of “life is funny”, well let me tell you that it has truth to it! Well we all know I went on a solo world adventure tour and had a BLAST! When I mentioned to my man about my plans, he is so down for me that he said go and just make sure you come back home to me. I will admit after being with him for two years I took him for granted, but during my time gone…I missed this him so much sometimes it hurt.

After climbing to the top of the Red Rocks in Colorado.

When I did come back I didn’t realize that he was planning the most dope and romantic proposal ever! He truly is my Prince Charming! I told him when I came back that without my 2016, I wouldn’t be engaged to him in 2017, and definitely wouldn’t be planning a 2018 wedding. When I tell you that this man “gets me” and supports me is a major understatement. Most of my girlfriends and family members don’t have significant others that would be that strong to allow their woman to go exercise her passion thousands of miles away for so long. Troy loves me more than what I can write eloquently, I don’t know what took me so long to finally give him a chance but I’m glad I did! It’s like God saved him for me. But like I mentioned before…life is funny.

The most dope proposal EVER by Cinderella’s castle!

In March of 2017, Troy was diagnosed with Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal cavity, basically nasal cancer. Our initial feelings and mood was, “He’s too young for cancer! We work out at least four times a week! We try to eat healthy most of the week!” The doctors told us that sometimes the human body is funny in this way…well I’m not laughing.

We needed a plan and fast! My Mom, the wonderful woman that she is, called upon all the prayer warriors she knows. I’ve never seen her text and call people so fast in my life! Little did we know a few women at her job were planning a benefit for Troy. It’s amazing how someone who has never even met him want to help him through this process. I’m still overwhelmed by the outpouring of love.

Troy’s daughter Koby with the Easter bunny

Troy has gone through one round of chemotherapy and it’s so hard to watch a man that absolutely LOVES eating, cannot eat. It’s hard to watch a man who is always smiling, cry in pain and embarrassment. It’s hard to watch a good Daddy not be able to take his daughter Easter egg hunting, because he cannot be in crowds for fear of catching a cold and being hospitalized. It’s hard to go from planning our wedding and travel plans to planning chemo and radiation sessions. BUT…

I know my man is going to KICK CANCER’S A$$ because that is what we do, we win because we are Overcomers and DreamChasers. I hope you all can come out to support him on Saturday, April 29, 2017! Tickets are being sold at the Piqua Winans and they are going to have good food and a Quarter Auction…so bring them quarters and love!

*A HUGE shout out to Joe & Laurie Reiser, Rita Stevens, and Carolyn Putnam for organizing this event, plus countless others who made donations for the auction. I will be making a GoFundMe account for him, for anyone who cannot make it and would still like to contribute to his cause. Much love!*

Anyone that has dealt with a loved one receiving chemo and/or radiation, are there any online support groups that I could join?